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A "international brand-name"


Jiangsu FeiYue bearings Co., LTD is XingHua bearing factory in jiangsu province by the national medium enterprise) overall 36.52% of joint-stock enterprises. Founded in 1969, has been engaged in various engine bearings, bushings, thrust bearing industry of China, is the production of key enterprises, China internal-combustion engine bearing industry association. Since 1996, has been awarded the jiangsu famous brand product ", " FeiYue " brand trademark ", "jiangsu province for famous trademark", the company in the industry in the ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 quality system certification. Company covers an area of over 80,000 square meters, the existing staff more than 300, including engineers titles, engaged in the work of bearing production technologies, technical personnel 32 .2009 our company has been founded in  jiangsu province approved by only one bushing r&d institution "jiangsu sliding bearing engineering technology research center".

Company has all kinds of production equipment 400 sets, the whole garden, half the watts, bushings, thrust, tin plating and four yuan ternary 6 automatic production line, etc, and formed a production workshop, physical and chemical laboratories and precision measurement center, technical force abundant and relative. The company with all kinds of bearings, bushings, thrust, the main products for 400 million domestic diesel, gasoline, compressor, refrigerator, mining machinery supporting and maintenance, provide mainframe users throughout China, some products exported to America, Europe and southeast Asia. At present, the company produces the bearings, bushings, thrust piece has more than 50 Chinese manufacturers, home combustion products widely used and farm machinery, agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles, vehicle, ship engineering, etc. Companies adhere to the "" international famous brand" for the purpose, adhering to the "honesty, customer supreme, create fine products, reveal themselves" business philosophy. In industry, the brilliance

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