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The outstanding advantages of bearing repair

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In the industrial field, the bearing is an important element in supporting large and medium-sized mechanical device and high precision high speed rotating shaft or movable parts. Bush has many outstanding advantages, has a bearing irreplaceable role, is broadly used in industry.

However, because of material, lubrication, maintenance and other restrictions, Bush also has its use of fatigue limit. When technicians found when oil bearing damage, the usual practice is the bearing replacement machine scrap, and use the new bearing bush, but this time usually has not yet reached the full economic service life effectively, can the bearing repair technology put into use again.

In fact, continuous improvement of bearing design, materials, bearing maintenance method can greatly improve the reliability of bearing repair. Zhuji Nanjiang electromechanical Co. Ltd. (formerly Zhuji Nanjiang bearing factory) has accumulated with bearing repair technology for twenty years, and has been the widely used technology of cement building materials, mining, metallurgy, papermaking, chemical industry, electric power, experience shows that success is the bearing repair cycle is not lower than the new bearing life cycle. The increasing popularity in the industrial field in bearing repair and replace the bearing, has more obvious advantages in terms of cost and delivery time, and more and more industries favored.

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