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The application of the bearing in centrifugal compressor

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Centrifugal compressor and refrigerating apparatus including the same. The centrifugal compressor comprises a rotor and a sleeve is arranged on the bearing assembly on the rotor, the rotor includes axial and axial thrust bearing components bearing surface with the bearing assembly comprises a front bearing and a rear bearing, a thrust disc is arranged after the first end bearing, thrust plate is fixedly connected with the rotor, the rotor axial thrust bread thrust surface and thrust bearing thrust face, front bearing is arranged between the two rotor axial thrust surface, rear bearing bearing surface and thrust surface with the thrust plate. According to the centrifugal compressor of the invention, to avoid a single axial thrust bearing surface load caused by excessive bearing damage, the bearing load in the safe range, improve the safety of the use of bearing.

Bearing centrifugal air compressor bearing, including bearing and bushing, mounting grooves are arranged on the inclined bearing products corresponding to the two group positioning pin and a cylindrical pin, the mounting groove under the bearing products is provided with two positioning pin and a cylindrical pin corresponding to the bearing bush of the product, the bearing and the lower bearing shell by a positioning pin and a cylindrical pin fixedly connected together, product positioning pin and a cylindrical pin are respectively installed on the bearing and the mounting groove under the Bush in front of the product structure and composition for bearing bearing ring column, the rear is the same with the inner diameter of the circular ring column, the column wall is arranged alternately ring products the oil tank, the corresponding products within the ring is provided with 12 oil inlet groove, an oil ring is arranged outside the 12 corresponding export products for export, the oil inlet cone opening, conical section is isosceles angle was 90 degrees three Angle, the oil inlet of the product is connected with the inlet of the oil inlet. This product to ensure lubricating bearing wall, can form a uniform oil film bearing on the wall.

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