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The difference of the bearing industry promote technological progress

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On the whole, for different models, especially the different models of the engine is not the same, it is self-evident things. The difference of product fundamentally determines the range of supporting bearing, two aspects of this section from diesel engine and gasoline engine are described.

Analysis of 1 diesel engine, promoting product differentiation on the bearing industry

At present, due to the need of environmental protection in the country gradually strict emission regulations, which requires enterprises to improve the engine emission standards and requirements, the corresponding parts such as bearing industry to upgrade the corresponding technology. For the diesel engine, the new model has gradually become the main growth of machine manufacturing enterprises the diesel, such as FAW dalidn diesel to develop new products of CA6DE series diesel engine. In addition, FAW Xichai launched CA6DF1, YC6108ZLQB and QD32 of Yuchai chaochai new series diesel engine emissions have been reached in the Euro II level. According to the common characteristics of the new products, it is not difficult to see that the domestic diesel engine companies have put environmental protection, turbocharged diesel engine as the focus of R & D and production. Therefore, enterprises with the support of the Bush to do the work of three.

First is the market research work. The product development of diesel engine production enterprises to find out the corresponding direction and is in the process of new product development, and advance the development of good synchronous development work, with leading advantage to improve market share, but also can keep the comparative advantages to other bearing production enterprises; second is to seize the customer service market. With the vehicle, especially in the heavy and light diesel locomotive retains the amount gradually increased, after the service market is gradually increasing, must be given enough attention; once again, the public relations activities. Open the door of the market in a tough market competition, frankly speaking, public relations is the key to people, people are the decisive factor, in addition, the government's influence is also not underestimate.

Analysis of role differences of products of 2 gasoline engine bearing industry

As of now, gasoline is still the mainstream of Chinese, therefore, gasoline engine bearing market is the largest domestic bearing market. In addition, I want to emphasize that the motorcycle bearing also has the quite big market, should arouse the attention of enterprises. Because of the domestic car (which is mainly for car emerge in an endless stream or a passenger car for the gasoline engine), with the support of the technology also will rise, in the increasingly stringent requirements is an inevitable trend. Bearing companies need to do things besides a few points in the diesel engine of the same reason, still need to pay attention to the development trends of new vehicle production enterprises, can obtain market opportunities.

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