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What is the bearing material

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The basic requirements of bearing materials is:

1) to meet the compressive strength and fatigue strength;

2) low conflict coefficient, excellent wear resistance, anti adhesion, running in compliance, block and compliance;

3) small thermal expansion coefficient, excellent thermal conductivity and smooth performance and corrosion resistance;

4) outstanding technical.

The general information bearing:

1, bearing alloy and Babbitt alloy or white, the optical arrangement is in a soft matrix tin or lead with antimony, copper and alkaline earth metal and other hard alloy particles. It's the best friction reducing performance, simple and full of journal. With excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, but the elastic modulus and the elastic limit is very low, the mechanical strength is much lower than that of bronze, cast iron, usually used as bearing lining materials, tin based alloy thermal expansion properties than the aluminum alloy, is more suitable for high speed bearings.

2, copper alloy with tin bronze, aluminum bronze and lead bronze three. Bronze has excellent fatigue strength, and tolerable antifriction are excellent, the operation temperature can be as high as 250C C. But the poor plasticity, not easy to run, with the necessary axis of the neck is necessary to quench. Suitable for medium heavy, low speed and heavy load bearing.

3, powder metallurgy porous metal powder is not the same as the data structure by pressing and sintering, called powder metallurgy material, its pore volume accounted for about 10 ~ 35%, the storage of oil, it is also known as the oil bearing. During operation, the bearing temperature increases, because the expansion coefficient of oil than metal, and then automatically enter the conflict bearing smooth appearance. When parking, due to capillary action, smooth oil is sucked back into the pores. Oil bearing oil and a long time can be a long time, if you can regularly refuel, then the role is very good. But because of its tolerance, it should be used in the occasion of stable load, low speed and convenient refueling.

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