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bearing shell

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Bearing shell is a sliding bearing and shaft neck contact part, shape is a semicircular cylinder shaped tile, very smooth, generally made of bronze, anti friction alloy wear-resistant material, in particular, can use wood, plastic or rubber engineering.

The bearing shells are integral and split two, usually called the integral bearing sleeve (Bushing). Integral bearing oil groove and oil channel two. With the bearing and shaft neck of the clearance, generally not with axis rotation.

Movement characteristics:

The sliding bearing, a layer of thin film lubrication between bearing and shaft. If there is bad lubrication, the direct friction between bearing and shaft friction will produce high temperature, while the bearing is made of special alloy, but high temperature direct friction still to be burned. Bush also may be due to excessive load, high temperature, lubricating oil impurities or viscosity abnormality caused by factors such as tile burning. The sliding bearing is damaged after burning tile.

Bearing processing:

Thick walled bearing can be cast, in order to improve the friction performance, the bearing inner surface of bearing alloy (casting a layer called bearing lining). In order to make the bearing alloy and bearing attached well, often produce various forms of tenon and groove or thread in bearing inner surface. Thin wall bearing can use the double metal plate continuous rolling process of mass production.

Powder metallurgy is a mixture of basic materials, such as iron or copper, and graphite, and then pressing and forming. The pores can be stored in lubricating oil, said oil bearing.

Bearing material is usually soft, with internal cylindrical grinding method for machining, can be used for boring, diamond boring, scraping or grinding processing. When grinding should not be used with the shaft diameter with the research method, and should use special size and bearing hole size as large bar. For the bearing part of the scraping, with wide blade scraping machine. Hand scraping, scratch should be shallow. Bearing inner surface with complicated shape, should according to the specific shape by special boring method.

Bearing material:

The characteristics of bearing materials are: small friction coefficient, has enough fatigue strength, good running resistance and good corrosion resistance. Materials commonly used in bearing bearing alloy (Babbitt alloy), copper alloy, powder metallurgy and grey cast iron and cast iron etc..

Non lubricated bearing materials are mainly polymers, carbon graphite and three types of special ceramics.


Polymer, also known as organic polymer materials, engineering plastics. Commonly used materials are phenolic resin, nylon, PTFE (PTFE), etc.. With the plastic (such as PTFE) produced no bearing resistance to acid alkali, embedded type, friction and abrasion resistance are better. The PTFE sheet stamping lip type seal, bearing, piston rings and gaskets used in belt conveyor, typewriters, sewing machines, phonograph turntables, water pump, textile machinery and agricultural machinery etc..

The polymer has the characteristics of light weight, insulation, anti friction, wear resistance, self lubrication, corrosion resistance, simple forming process and high production efficiency. Compared with metal materials, the tribological properties were the characteristics of environmental temperature and humidity sensitive, and viscoelastic related, so the gap between the larger bearing and shaft neck. Because of its low mechanical strength, low elastic modulus, adsorption of lubricating oil, while limiting the working speed and pressure bearing value.

Carbon graphite

Carbon - graphite bearing material can be used in harsh environment. The content of graphite material is soft, the friction coefficient is small.

The carbon graphite has good electrical conductivity, heat resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication, high temperature stability, strong chemical corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, low linear expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity. The friction coefficient and wear rate of chromium plating surface are very low in the atmosphere and room temperature. The moisture content of the water vapor is dependent upon the amount of adsorbed water vapor, but it loses its ability to lubricate when the humidity is low. Wear resistant coating can improve the wear resistance of carbon graphite. Carbon graphite materials can also be used for water lubricated bearing. Not only can be used as graphite solid lubricant, adding resin, metal, ceramics and other materials, increase the friction of these materials, also can be directly used as friction materials, bearing such as the production of papermaking, wood processing, textile, food and other places avoid oil, high temperature sliding bearings, seals, piston rings, scraping etc.. The "class" of carbon graphite materials used in mechanical engineering is M, there are 4 series: carbon graphite material, electrochemical graphite material, resin carbon composite material and metal graphite material.


Ceramic is a non - metallic material, which is made from non - metallic mineral or artificial compound as raw material, is formed by crushing, forming and sintering at high temperature. The traditional ceramics are made of inorganic non-metallic minerals, such as clay, feldspar, quartz and other raw materials. Mechanical engineering is generally used ceramic ceramics raw material produced by alumina, Magnesium Oxide, zirconium oxide, lead oxide, titanium oxide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, silicon nitride, boron nitride and other man-made compounds.

The properties of ceramics are largely determined by their microstructure, including the grain size and distribution, the composition and content of the glass phase, the nature, content and distribution of the impurities. The microstructure is determined by the raw material, composition and manufacturing process. The common properties of ceramics are high hardness, high compressive strength, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance, high hardness, impact resistance and no ductility.

Ceramic is a new kind of non lubricated bearing.

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