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Cooperation and win-win multi-symbiosis

"And", that is, unity, harmony, cooperation, mutual aid, intimacy. And the survival and development of enterprises is the prerequisite and the most basic conditions. "And" is to create a unity, harmony and stability of the enterprise atmosphere, including the business between the plates, between the molecular companies, the coordination between departments, between the Chinese and foreign shareholders of the harmonious co-operation between the leadership team unity and cooperation , Leadership and understanding of staff support, and mutual assistance between employees love.

"Together", that integration, together, in line. Integration is a dynamic process of development, the company is based on the development of the situation, the various elements of optimization, combination, configuration, maximize the live resources, the effectiveness of the formation of a huge enterprise development efforts, enterprises to market competition for self-improvement and Adjustment of the important ways and effective means, throughout the enterprise development. Together to promote the development of enterprises; meet the economic activities of enterprises must comply with the various policies and regulations, and strive to achieve the goal of the enterprise, Conform to the general trend of economic development, the general trend of development of the industry, the development trend of national defense industry and the general trend of the development of weapons group.

"Cooperation and win-win multi-symbiosis",Feiyue is a diversified enterprise with various ownerships, and are compatible with each other.The enterprises have completed the" four transformations "and formed the" four modernizations "pattern. A leap in development.

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